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Hi There,

Thanks for checking me out. I'm the Publisher of WDFM. I started it in April of 1995 because I myself needed it:). So WDFM grew from an audience of 1 to over 125,000. In addition to this Web site and the email edition, WDFM reviews have been syndicated to Advertising Age, Business Marketing Magazine and DMNews.

What Do I Do For a Living Outside of WDFM?
Aside from publishing WDFM (which makes a tidy profit in its own right), I'm a Net Consultant, Speaker, and Author of the best selling book, "Essential Business Tactics for the Net," published by John Wiley & Sons in May 1998.

Who Have I Worked For as a Consultant?
As a Net Consultant, I've worked for: Con Edison, 3com, EDS, Hotel Discount, Auto-By-Tel, New York Life, and scores of other firms, both large and small. I help firms map out a strategy and figure out where they're going with their web sites, in six months, a year from now, and beyond.

What Do I Speak About?
All of my speaker topics are Internet-focused. Each and every one is customized to address the specific needs of the audience. Some of my speaker topics include:

  • Developing Instant Inbound Leads on the Internet
  • Prospecting for New Business on the Net
  • How is the Net Like Direct Marketing, and How Does It Differ?
  • Using the Net as a Productivity Tool
  • So you've Got a Web Site, Now What?
  • How Are Sales Channel Distribution Conflicts Affecting Your Company?
  • Benchmarking Your Site Against Your Competitors.
  • Effective Ecommerce Strategies
  • Does Anyone But You Understand How to Navigate Your Web Site? :-)
  • How to Start an Effective Email Marketing List Like Web Digest For Marketers
My best presentations are the ones I customize for the audience. My fees for speaking are not inconsequential. I've spoken at The Direct Marketing Association, KPMG, American Society of Travel Agents, Nationwide Insurance, Fidelity Investments, National Lease, LegalTech, NASDAQ, Internet World, The Publishers and Advertisers Marketing Association, and many others, including European engagements.

What Did I Do Before the Internet?
I was a strategic writer for New York's most celebrated advertising agencies. For fifteen years I worked on consumer goods, business-to-business accounts, radio, print, TV, direct response, the works. When I found I was writing for a medium I wasn't watching much anymore, I decided to write for a medium I was passionate about, the Internet. That was back in 1993 when I started the first online ad agency and was featured in the press for having done so. The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, The New York Times, Inc. Magazine, USA Today, CNN, CNBC, CBS, BottomLine Business, and Advertising Age were just some of the media outlets that covered my first moves on the Net. This was all long before it was chic to be geek:). The experience and perspective of my background in advertising has been invaluable in these uncharted waters of marketing on the Internet.

As you can imagine, I could go on and on about myself! But I won't. You're here to familiarize yourself with Web Digest For Marketers. Welcome! Do sign up and receive it by email. It's easier that way for you. You see, good as WDFM is, I think most people forget to return to even really good sites every week. Click here to subscribe.

Thanks for looking in on who I am. Enjoy WDFM.


Larry Chase
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