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Social Media Marketing Tools & Resources

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Bradley HorowitzEmail to a Colleague

VP Product, Google+: Add this Google guru to your Circles because he often announces innovations and offers tips, advice and inside info.

clicktotweetEmail to a Colleague

Need more retweets? This service lets your blog readers and Twitter followers retweet your copy with one click. You also get a little more control over the process to make sure your key ideas get recirculated.

Start at the clicktotweet site and create the Tweet you want your followers to retweet. You'll generate a unique link, which you'll post with explanatory copy on your Twitter account. Anyone who clicks that link in your Tweet generates a post with your content already loaded in. Click-retweet-done.

You can also go one step further and embed that link under a Twitter icon on any blog post you'd like readers to send out into the Twittersphere.

Commun.itEmail to a Colleague

This dashboard helps you stay on top of your Twitter community, giving you a single page to manage your involvement with these key actions:

  • Track your most influential followers and those who engage the most with your Tweets through replies and retweets.
  • See who's talking about you and track mentions in a specific time period.
  • Find new people to follow, based on your profile, interests, current followers or Tweets.
  • Raise your Twitter influence by weeding out robot accounts or accounts with no or few posts or low influence.
  • Monitor engagement on your websites and/or blogs.
  • Track down new leads using your keyword set.

A basic account (one Twitter account) is complimentary. Paid accounts start at $9.99 monthly at time of writing and allow you to track more data on multiple Twitter accounts.

Facebook Marketing SolutionsEmail to a Colleague

This official Facebook site gives you the tips, case studies, best practices, FAQs and user-generated experiences you need to market intelligently on this global social network, whether your marketing budget has two, four or six zeroes in it.

Look here for case studies of successful Facebook campaigns run by household-brand names like Adobe, Starbucks and Burger King, as well as tips on using Facebook's many features, such as creating events, amassing "friends," promoting your fan pages and using Facebook Connect to expand your reach to your Web site.

Setting up the site like a regular Facebook page also is a little bit of genius. Seeing all the interactions and elements and how they work together shows you firsthand that success on this network takes more work than just slapping up a page and moving on.

Google+ For B2B MarketingEmail to a Colleague

This blog post by UK-based CRM firm Collier Pickard shows how to incorporate Google+'s unique features, including Circles, Hangouts and Sparks, into B2C or B2B marketing programs.

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Download The Essentials of Social Media Kit

Download this kit to learn everything you need to know about Social Media.

Download Here

Google+ Vanity URL CreatorEmail to a Colleague

Create a custom nickname to replace the string of numbers in your Google+ homepage URL with your business, name, brand or any other identifier. (Note: Not an official Google+ product.)

Grader.comEmail to a Colleague

How effective is your presence on key Social Media sites? Does your online personality encourage or turn off potential followers? The evaluation tools at this site will help you quantify the nearly unquantifiable by measuring your Social Media profiles -- corporate and personal alike -- and comparing them to other users, and then give you ideas for how to improve your standings.

Created by marketing-services provider HubSpot, Twitter Grader evaluates you on your number of tweets, the ratio of your follows to followers, how often others act on your tweets and how influential your own followers are. The higher your influence, the higher your grade.

Facebook Grader assesses your Facebook public pages, noting your number of friends, whether you have big gaps in your profile data, the reach and authority of your friends plus a "secret sauce" of proprietary factors.

The Press Release and Website Grader apps give you similarly comprehensive evaluations. The Personality Grader measures your online demeanor and intelligence, sometimes in blunt terms. (If your Twitter posts contain too many negative concepts, you'll get downgraded for complaining too much.)

Once you get your grades, compare your results to friends or competitors who also have graded themselves. Also, get good tips for buffing up your profile and improving your score.

Group.asEmail to a Colleague

Want to get noticed on Google+? List yourself in this handy directory; it's "grouping made simple."

HootSuiteEmail to a Colleague

Once you dive into the Twitter conversation stream, you should look for a suite of tools to manage your time and tweet most effectively. HootSuite's gratis set of tools is designed for enterprise-level tweeting, because several administrators can manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

Among the tools:

  • Scheduler: Use it to write tweets in advance, useful for posting product announcements or coupons at a specific time.
  • URL Shortener: Tracks actions on links you post in tweets and delivers statistics to please the wonkiest analyst: total clicks, clickers' geographic distribution, most popular tweets, trends over time, etc.
  • Account chooser: If you have more than one account, you can post a particular tweet either to one particular account, a group or all of them. Administrators can also monitor who's tweeting what from the dashboard at a glance.

HootSuite doesn't yet track retweets -- the number of times your followers pass along your posts to their own groups -- but you can measure retweets independently using Retweetist.

We test-drove HootSuite by tweeting the latest edition of Web Digest For Marketers to a personal Twitter following (500+ followers at time of writing). Within minutes, it collected 6 clicks from readers in the U.S., Canada and the U.K.

How to Use Google+ for BusinessEmail to a Colleague

Now that Google+ has opened pages for businesses as well as individuals, plenty of companies (maybe even your competitors) are establishing their beachheads on the network. Use this ebook from HubSpot as your guidebook to get the most from your Google+ presence and, we hope, not make the mistakes that so many others are making in these early days.

This ebook provides detailed information on every aspect of using Google+ for business, starting with the nuts and bolts of setting up your business page and moving on to using Google+ in search and best practices for marketing on Google+.

One nice touch: the ebook color-codes material according to whether it's appropriate for newcomers, experts or people who are somewhere in between.

Disclosure: HubSpot is a sponsor of Web Digest For Marketers.

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