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    Best of SEO Tools that Cost You Nothing

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    ClustyEmail to a Colleague

    Want a different look at the Web universe and your place in it? Try Clusty, the consumer version of clustering engine Vivisimo. Clustering technology like Vivisimo's allows a search engine to divide results into folder topics, giving you a quick overview of the main themes in the results and allowing you to drill down on topics of interest rather than scrolling through a long list of randomly related results. As a competitive research tool, you can quickly narrow in to those sites within your niche, which is a great way to identify both competitors and potential partners. The wonderful Clusty takes clustered search a step further, with options to perform searches under the vertical categories of shopping, blogs, images and gossip - all with the same time-saving clustered results. Best of all, if you like this concept, you can create a customized cluster search on topics of your own choosing and store it for future use.

    Link TreeEmail to a Colleague

    Link Tree is a link analysis tool that enables you to find those sites that are linking to your competitors but that are not yet linking to you. Link popularity is important because search engines depend heavily upon it to determine the subsequent ranking of your own site. Simply enter the URLs of your competitors (the more, the better), then enter your own URL to exclude sites that already link to you from the results, and turn it loose. You will receive a list of those sites which link to at least two of your competitors but not to your site. What to do? Contact them, of course, with a personal note explaining why your site deserves inclusion in their list of topical links. This is an effective way to build truly valuable links within your topical niche. Keyword Research ToolEmail to a Colleague

    Here you can research possible keywords for your site in several different ways. The database contains the results of 10 billion searches compiled from 37 sources, including major search engines, PPC sites and regional search engines. Simply enter a keyword and you will receive a list of the top search phrases, which you can review either by all-time popularity or by recent usage. But don't stop there... you can also search for keywords related to your term, or explore your term's Keyword Effectiveness Index, which measures the number of times a keyword and/or phrase is searched for as compared to the number of pages on which it occurs to assign an overall index ranking. Another neat trick is the ability to research seasonal trends in keyword searches (if applicable to your terms and/or business). A short registration process is required to gain access to this tool.

    Spider SimulatorEmail to a Colleague

    Want to see your website as a search engine spider does? Use this search engine spider simulator to pinpoint trouble spots that could be preventing you from receiving the ranking you want. Simply enter the URL, and you will receive in return an overall grade for your page (the home page for Web Digest For Marketers scored a 16/24 or 67% - guess we have some work to do). Luckily you also receive specific instructions on what to improve, and how... descriptions, keywords, alt tags, metatags, title tags, H1 tags, body text, links and so on, all as seen through the eyes of a search engine spider. Quite illuminating.

    URLinfoEmail to a Colleague

    This tool will tell you everything you ever wanted to know - and more - about any URL. Simply type in a URL, and more than 100 tools are at your fingertips, neatly organized in a tabbed interface. Starting with the "General" tab, with just a click you can view Alexa's ranking and feedback for the URL or gather WHOis information, for example. Move on to "Links" and you can see how many sites link to your URL according to MSN, Google, Yahoo! and Gigablast, as well as view backlinks from a number of popular blogs. Under the "Similar" tab you will find links to the "related" or "similar" functions of a number of search engines. Other tools include a link to the Copyscape site, where you can find other sites which have plagiarized your content. The Textalyser tool will perform a statistical analysis of the page, including word count, sentence length and keyword density. Check out the BugMeNot tool the next time you come across a page that requests a user name and password - many times this tool will tell you how to bypass the velvet curtain. There are links to places where you can find cached versions of the URL, tools to search the URL page, tools to translate it into other languages, and on and on and on. A fabulous resource.

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    Web CEOEmail to a Colleague

    Like the famed Ginsu knife, this 10-in-1 tool slices, dices and polishes your search engine optimization tasks... at no charge to you. It provides tools to research keywords, to create well-optimized metatags, titles, etc., to submit your site to search engines, to check your rankings in search engines, to research your link popularity, to check your site for broken links and other errors, and more. You also have access to more than 120 reports which enable you to track and analyze your visitors, ad campaigns, transactions, revenues, etc.

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