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Best Search Engine Marketing Blogs

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Search Marketing GurusEmail to a Colleague

The notion of link bait gained momentum in 2006, and the creative folks at Search Marketing Gurus took it offline with a promotion called "hat bait", which consisted of taking photos of search marketers wearing silly hats and having blog readers vote on their favorite. It was this kind of "practice what you preach" effort that put Search Marketing Gurus on the radar.

Search Marketing Gurus is a group blog edited by Liana (Li) Evans. It covers topics ranging from industry news to social media and analytics. Li has done a particularly impressive job of drawing attention to the many talented women in the search marketing industry through a series of "Women in Internet Marketing" interviews. She also provides an impressive list of blogs written by women in the industry.

Within the blog you will find an abundance of content and photos from conferences, plus a good array of categories. It would, however, be useful to have a chronological archive to find stories older than the past week.

SEO Book.comEmail to a Colleague

Aaron Wall made his way into the search marketing world through his blog and the book, the "SEO Book" that is. Since his blog and book have gained popularity, Aaron has been quoted in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal, Wired, Forbes, Business Week, Time magazine and many others.

It has been impressive to watch how Aaron's writing style and perspectives have progressed over the years. He provides a deeper and more philosophical view of the search engine marketplace than you'll find on most blogs and tends to focus on methods of monetizing search over SEO consulting issues.

Aaron has also invested significant resources into the development of some very useful tools including his keyword research tool, back link analyzer and his SEO for Firefox tool.

SEO by the SEAEmail to a Colleague

SEO by the SEA's Bill Slawski is well known as an adept search marketer. In his blog he provides insights into an array of topics ranging from local search marketing tactics to deciphering the latest patents filed by the major search engines.

Besides making sense of patent applications, the SEO by the SEA blog offers one of the most comprehensive blogrolls you'll find anywhere, including English, French, Italian and Spanish blogs as well as forums and links to resources in audio and video formats.

The organization and layout of SEO by the SEA also makes it very easy to find posts by topic or by date, which is refreshing. With all that great content, it would be a shame to hide it.

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