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Marketing Calculators

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3marketeers Advertising ROI CalculatorEmail to a Colleague

3marketeers is an ad agency that specializes in B2B, with a particular focus on high-impact dimensional direct mail campaigns designed to get past the notorious gatekeepers who keep guard over CXO inboxes. We bring this site to your attention because of its useful tools and resources for lead generators, like an ROI calculator that reduces some of the math headaches of campaign planning. Use this calculator to determine the ROI for any marketing program - lead generation, email, sponsorship, direct mail or telemarketing. Just enter your program costs, target variables and projected program results under Input. Then click Calculate to instantly determine the estimated ROI and other pertinent details like cost per piece, cost per response, cost per sale, anticipated revenue generated, number of new customers and more. Business CalculatorsEmail to a Colleague

This site offers business and marketing calculators that you can use to quickly and easily evaluate different aspects of your business. Here you will find very straightforward conversion rate, email ROI and PPC ROI calculators as well as more general cash flow, starting costs and break-even calculators. These tools are much simpler than some of the other calculators you will find on the Web, so if you just want to run some quick scenarios without inputting tons of data, they are a good choice.

Clicklab Analytics ROI CalculatorEmail to a Colleague

Analytics provider Clicklab has created a no-cost worksheet that will help you estimate the incremental cash flow that can reasonably be expected from a Web analytics program used over time. To do so, it takes into consideration two key components that can be addressed by a Web analytics service and that can lead to increased ROI: 1) The direct increase in sales resulting from improved traffic quality and website usability; and 2) The savings resulting from discontinuing non-performing advertising and preventing click fraud. It's a handy tool and quite a nice business development idea as well.

Conversion Rate CalculatorEmail to a Colleague

How much money could you take in if you were to boost your Web site's conversion rate, say from 2% to 3.5%? Using the "Conversion Rate Calculator," enter your total number of visitors, average order size and average number of orders over whatever time period you set. Then, set your current conversion rate using the slider graphic to the right. This calculator will show you the money, in both numbers and a bar graph. Other calculators on the site, developed by Palo Alto Software, will figure email and PPC returns, break-even and start-up costs and other business-focused estimates.

Cymbic Marketing ROI CalculatorEmail to a Colleague

Let's say you have a website designed to generate leads or clients for your business. How can you demonstrate ROI? This general marketing ROI calculator could do the trick. It takes into account your total current customers, your projected future customers, their average spend per year, your gross margins, your marketing budget and your success rate at converting leads into live clients to arrive at an assessment of your marketing performance. These calculations can be applied to a website, a sales team, an affiliate marketing program, a print advertising campaign and so on.

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Dack.comEmail to a Colleague

While covers everything from politics, sports, and movies to the latest corporate scandal, dig a bit deeper and you'll find a hidden treasure. This seemingly forgotten tool is a useful way to measure the value of your Intranet, or more pointedly, to determine whether or not your Intranet is useful at all. Since time is money, this calculator sheds light on how much time can be wasted when employees can't find information on their own site.

Edith Roman Direct Marketing CalculatorsEmail to a Colleague

This direct marketing behemoth offers a trio of sophisticated calculators designed to "increase your understanding of the mathematics of successful direct mail." The ROI calculator allows you play with the price, mailing cost, quantity mailed and/or projected response rate of your next direct mail campaign to determine how successful you will be. The "Determine Pieces to Mail" calculator considers your confidence level and how much variance in the response rate you can accept to help you decide how many pieces you must mail to yield a repeatable result on your next campaign. Finally, the NCOA calculator computes the benefits of an NCOA (National Change of Address) update on your list.

Forio Broadcast ExpressEmail to a Colleague

Broadcast makes it easy to create your very own "Sim City" marketing simulation on the Web. You supply the data, and this no-cost tool supplies pre-programmed templates that will turn your competitive strategy or financial planning scenario into an incredibly sophisticated simulation that's as much fun to play with (to a marketer, at least) as the latest video game. A thorough but easy to understand tutorial will get you started. The no-cost version, Forio Broadcast Express, gives you a single-user license and the capacity for 2,500 equations. Even more sophisticated tools are available for a fee. Thanks to Mal Watlington for bringing this gem to our attention.

Future Now Website Conversion and Content Management CalculatorsEmail to a Colleague

If you want to get a better understanding of what your visitors are doing on your website, increase your online sales, reduce your cost of customer acquisition, increase your customer retention rate and/or increase your average order size, Future Now has provided the tool and the metrics you can use to establish and track your efforts. This no-cost download of an Excel workbook was created by the savvy Eisenbergs of Future Now in partnership with metrics wizard Jim Novo. By inputting basic metrics such as your number of site visitors and number of desired actions completed (whether sales or content downloads), you will be able to quickly get a handle on how well you are doing and also spot trends over time. But don't stop there - the workbook also contains more advanced and meaningful calculations that will enable you to establish and improve metrics for everything from your order acquisition gap and contribution per order to your visitor engagement index. Well done.

HBS Lifetime Customer ValueEmail to a Colleague

The Harvard Business School offers up this downloadable interactive workbook, which is designed to help estimate the cost of acquiring a customer and the Net Present Value (NPV) of that customer's business during his or her useful economic life. The simple model is programmed to evaluate a single product offering. The more complex model allows you to incorporate multiple products with distinct customer loyalty and repurchase characteristics. The models take into account the monies spent on customer acquisition to arrive at their conclusions. In the complex model, you can assign a specific economic life to a customer, set multiple retention rates for different years, and look at the value of a customer for a company with multiple products. The calculation page then separates the profitability of the customer on an annual basis and by product as well as breaking up customer present value by product.

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