Does Your Copy Reflect the Times?

I’ve seen advertisers rewrite copy and even create a new offer in order to resonate with something going on in the industry or in the world. When copy is timely, it can blow the doors off response rates. I’ve seen it many times in Web Digest For Marketers.

On the other hand, I recently saw an ad in a newspaper with the headline, “Time to Indulge.” At the time of this writing, I assure you many people are not thinking about indulging. They’re thinking about how to cut back.

The “Time to Indulge” was part of a larger campaign from this firm: “Time to Relax,” “Time to Meditate” and so on. The ad was created a long time ago and slated to run before times got tough. It stood out like a sore thumb, and I seriously doubt it did well.

The lesson here is to monitor the environment in which your ad is running and pivot on a dime to take advantage of changing times. Nimble ads that respond to these changing times could get you great response rates.

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