Why Are so Many Internet Marketing Consultant’s Websites Terrible?

When an SEO expert has an Alexa rating of 2 billion with no in-bound links, when an email marketing “expert” has never managed or owned his own newsletter, when a blogging “expert” hasn’t blogged for months, this is not good. I don’t buy that worn out explanation, “You know the cobblers children go without shoes.” This Internet medium is a “show me” medium. This is a Net marketer’s time to strut his/her stuff and walk the walk. Let’s face it, people who buy Internet marketing services are no dopes. If your site stinks and has tumbleweed rolling through it because of neglect, it’s going to be obvious. The Internet makes much of B2B marketing transparent. Prospects can easily see by looking at your online wares if you’re really real, or a poseur. I recently visited the site of one self-proclaimed Internet/direct marketer. Amazingly, there was not one call to action on that person’s site. In this day and age, if you only talk the talk, your website will shout that fact quite loudly.

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  • 2 Responses to “Why Are so Many Internet Marketing Consultant’s Websites Terrible?”

    1. In spite of my great respect for your knowledge, Larry, I’ve got to, partially, disagree with this point.

      There are many excellent professionals (probably in every field) who don’t need to advertise — and a website is, ultimately, a complex, ever-changing ad. I have one client who is an internationally known architect. He still hasn’t gotten round to putting up his site. And he really doesn’t need to. He has more clients than he can deal with – and these are projects in the hundreds of millions and billions range. People come to him. He turns down most, and picks and chooses what catches his interest.

      The fact that an Internet marketer doesn’t “advertise”, by having a powerful, uniquely valuable and frequently updated website, does not, in and of itself, mean that they’re no good. Maybe they’re too busy dealing with a never-ending stream of clients! They don’t have to prove anything to anyone except their prospective clients – and a website is only one way to do that.

      Corporate prospects (in my experience) are not going into Google to look for “internet marketer”, and they don’t usually care that I’ve cut my 170-page site to 7 pages and have stopped blogging and writing articles. They just want to know who I’ve worked for and what kind of results I’ve produced. And ultimately, isn’t that what matters?

      Your website is unique. But most are not – they are variations on the same topics. Just blogging, or writing articles, or having a well optimized site really doesn’t mean much, in itself. And why put all the effort into having a really unique resource like yours? Not everyone has the inclination or can do that. But they still might be producing great results for their clients.

      A website is only one tactic, albeit a potentially very powerful one. Some people may not have one, because they are no good. Some others, because they are gaining clients in other ways and don’t need to invest the large amount of time needed to do a good job on a website.

      With thanks for YOUR great site and newsletter. :)

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