The Non-Linear Crosssell

As DM legend Mac Ross once told me, some of the most appealing crossselling items have little or nothing to do with the original item purchased.
As a deal closer, you might offer the potential subscriber to a politically conservative newsletter a gold panda coin, instead of something in the political vain. The unobvious gold coin incentive is unpredictable and can delight the potential subscriber.
After all, you’ve already addressed his or her need for something in the political realm. Perhaps the non-linear gold coin can spark delight in the mind of the prospect and start him or her thinking about giving such a coin to a nephew,as a keepsake. And that line of unexpected thinking can serve as the catalyst to close the deal for the newsletter.
So, when you’re thinking about crossselling or adding an incentive to close the deal, think outside the box, and then test it to see if your non-linear closer is a winner. LC

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