The Importance of Listening

Some of my best ideas for Web Digest For Marketers come from my readers. Over the years, I’ve met thousands at trade shows. My tendency is to ask lots of questions and not say much. I ask why you read Web Digest and what you like. One of the most interesting bits of consistent feedback I get is that many readers have a folder in Outlook in which are stored back issues of Web Digest. I tell people the reviews and tips are all available at They don’t care. They want the content on their own hard drives. This also explains why the ads in each issue keep accruing clicks many months after each issue was released. The idea for our Best of Google Tools and Tips for Marketers perennial issue came from a subscriber, as did our annual Internet Marketing Consultant’s Toolbox issue. On the whole, I notice Internet marketers talk a lot. Like a number of DM wizards I know, I’m finding it more advantageous to spend more time taking in information because it helps me fine-tune the information I put out. LC PS – If there is a topic you’d like to see Web Digest devote an issue to, let me know. Reply to this email and tell me about it.

The Internet Marketing Tip above originally appeared in Larry Chase's Web Digest For Marketers which you can subscribe to at no charge at

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