Talk to Many as If They Were One

You might have tens of thousands or millions in your audience. But, you really talk to only one person at a time, and your words should come across that way.

When you write to faceless thousands or millions, it comes across as superficial as a TV commercial. We all know how meaningful TV commercials are in our lives … not.

Pick an audience member or imagine one person, and write to that person. Talk his/her language and reflect the person’s thoughts and feelings in your copy.

Can you imagine talking to a friend or colleague in the language and terms of a TV or radio commercial? It’s so absurd; it could be a “Saturday Night Live” skit.

Talk with your audience instead of talking at them. Whether F2F, in print, online or in broadcast, no one likes to be talked at. It’s a turnoff and is bound to suppress response rates because you’re not coming across as sincere or relevant. In short, write real. LC

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