Shifting Search Habits

Paid search is about to go through major changes. The extent of change has yet to be determined. But it is already happening. Why? Because people’s search behavior is already shifting.

There are now millions of Twitter- and Facebook-specific searches rather than the traditional types of searches conducted at Google, Bing, and Yahoo!. How PPC ads perform in Real-Time Search will be one metric to watch closely.

Will people who are searching for “What’s happening right now?” rather than “I need more info on XYZ” be more or less apt to click on paid ads? Maybe certain types of paid ads will enjoy higher click-throughs than others. We’ll see.

As Search Guru Mike Grehan points out, thousands of apps totally sidestep the HTTP protocol by conducting proprietary searches. Apps such as OpenTable or CNN news alerts automatically search for news items for you.

Maybe there will be so many proprietary search apps bypassing search engines that the price of keywords in paid search will go up or down. It’s impossible to say right now, but it will be fascinating to watch this shift unfold. LC

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