Define the audience before you define the product.

All too often, people create a product or service and then go looking for an audience they think will want what they’re selling.
Do it the other way around. First identify an audience and see what they have or what pain they need to be rid of. Then reverse-engineer the product or service to fit that need.
Example: My “Need-to-Know Marketing Sites From Web Digest For Marketers” wasn’t created simply because we had the content (although we did). I first had to ask, “Why would someone pay good money in bad times for this thing?” The answer was they would pay money to not have to sift through millions of search results when all they’re looking for are a handful of relevant sites, fast.
Once you’ve got the audience and thereafter the raison d’etre for the product defined, the writing, offer, and list purchase will seem a whole lot easier. LC

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    1. Larry – Amen! I think this is a problem especially prevalent in the technology arena. I’ve encountered too many bright technologists who invent a ’round shiny object’ and only afterwards give thought to who (if anyone) would be willing to pay money for it. I posted a blog on this entitled “Why the disconnect between technology and consumer product development?” ( There is good reason for making use of market research!

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