B2B Prospects Are People Too

Back in the bad old days when ad sales were a heck of a lot harder than today, I used a retail “twofer” offer to drum up business. Turned out media buyers love a bonus. For each ad they bought, I gave them some other ad avail at no charge. It didn’t matter how small or large the firm buying the media, everybody just likes a bonus. Nowadays, I still make sure that all buyers walk away with something more than they bargained for. It helps strengthen relationships for the long term. In this case, the value-add bonus is directly related to what is being sold, which is ad space. But often enough there can be a “non-linear” incentive offered that seemingly has nothing to do with what is being sold. The non-linear concept was made apparent to me by the late great Mac Ross, who now has been gone for one year, and I miss him no less, perhaps more.

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