Response Rates and The Black Swan

In his profoundly intriguing book, The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, Nassim Nicholas Taleb points out we humans have a tendency to confirm what we think we already know. That got me to thinking about how much some people must test response rates in order to support assertions on which a campaign is based. Taleb suggests we would do well to prove ourselves wrong sometimes.

Whether people use test results to support real or imagined marketplace realities, I have to give credit to marketers who dedicate themselves to challenging their assertions.

Wanting to get as close to true reality by reading the marketplace ongoingly makes for more relevant messaging. I recommend Taleb’s The Black Swan to you. Parts of it will make your head hurt. Significant pieces of it will apply to Internet and Direct Response Marketing. Still other parts are thoughts you might have had yourself without saying so. I finished the book weeks ago but still think about it. LC


Follow that Blogger

Each year, I attend a number of Internet Marketing trade shows, including SES and ad:tech New York. But, I also follow a great many more shows by reading posts by bloggers who report on sessions they’re attending. They typically cover sessions in real time and must type as fast as blazes.

My favorite blogger is Lisa Barone, co-founder of Outspoken Media. Why? Because she artfully captures the essence of the sometimes wonky, way-in comments, presentations, and debates that take place on stage at these shows.

As I said, some of these sessions can get pretty wonky but are necessary to understand. Lisa helps the wonkiness go down easier with her good-natured, droll asides that make me laugh out loud. I recommend her coverage to you. You’ll learn new things. I do all the time. LC

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