Tracking Tweets

If you want to see how many people click on your Tweets, use a URL shortener like or

Not only do these URL shorteners free up characters in the 140-character max posting format, but they also track clicks on your links, retweets and page redirects.

It’s a quick and easy way to measure what topics your followers respond to and which ones they don’t. This might affect what you write about in future Tweets. LC


Loyalty Programs in Tough Times

Whether you have B2C customers or B2B clients, it can only help to add value above and beyond what is expected.

When tough times come around, you want to have ready practices and programs that delight your patron. There’s nothing like adding value to say, “We value your business.”

Think of such loyalty programs as insurance for tough times, which inevitably happen every so often. When customers and clients cut their budgets, value-add programs can help you make their newly revised short list. LC

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