Schedule Many Small Changes

Direct Marketers know that regular, small (even imperceptible) changes can increase response rates. In other words, a reader might respond to something he/she didn’t respond to previously, just because the layout is a little different.

Some small changes will have noticeable effects, while others won’t. The ones that work well, you’ll want to keep. So, in addition to testing big things, make small changes to your Website, email newsletter landing page, or what have you. Then, watch how response rates change from one week to the next. LC


‘Straw Dog’ Offers

Conventional Direct Marketing wisdom says that making two offers in a single ad can lead to lower response rates. That’s because providing two offers gives the reader more choices than you intended: to think about it later or make no choice at all. Very often, “I’ll think about it later” translates into “never.”

However, I know of at least one scenario in which you can make two offers in order to boost response rates. I call it the “Straw Dog” offer. This is where one choice is a no-brainer for the reader to reject in favor of the other. For example, “Pay for Your Subscription Now” versus “Sign Up for Your Free Trial.” The first offer should drive more responses to the second offer. LC

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