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Each tool featured in this issue does double-duty. That’s because each tool is not only used for Content Marketing, but for Social Media as well. It’s the ultimate in time well spent. Enjoy.

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5 Social Media Tools for Content Marketers

Chances are if you’re a Social Media Marketer, you’re also a Content Marketer. In which case, you’ll find this issue particularly useful.
In this “get it done yesterday” era, where you’re doing the job of 2 or 3 people, you must optimize your time to the max. Making the most out of your time was among the criteria for selecting each tool that we feature in this issue.

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Now, let’s get down to business with those tools. Here’s Sr. Editor Janet Roberts. Take it awaaaay, JR…

1. Social Crawlytics
This complimentary tool gives you a detailed peek into a competitor’s Content Marketing program so you can see what content of theirs gets shared the most, where they and their fans are sharing it and who are their most valuable sharers.
The process is almost too easy: Just sign in with your Twitter account, and type in a URL of the competitor you want to spy on. Once Social Crawlytics gets to work, you’ll start seeing results in a minute or less. Give the app at least 10 minutes to dig deeper into your competitor’s business for the most useful information.
Social Crawlytics is handy as a quick self-audit of your own content efforts, too. When we turned it loose on the Web Digest For Marketers site, we discovered, for example, that more of our readers are sharing our content to StumbleUpon than we would have expected.

2. Piktochart
Piktochart makes it easy to design and build your own jazzy infographics that look just like, or better than, the ones you see everybody sharing on their Twitter feeds and Facebook/Google+ pages and in email newsletters.
We built a simple infographic in just under 15 minutes using Piktochart’s free basic service. Pro plans start at $14 monthly at time of writing.
We chose one of the page templates available to freebie users (paid users can choose from dozens more templates, including full-color versions), added images from our own photo library and pasted copy in the text boxes. With a little more time, we could definitely make it Mashable-worthy.

3. NeedTagger
This combination free/paid service solves one of the problems inherent in prospecting for customers on Twitter: Its hyper-targeted search engine formats your query so that you find not just the people who are talking about what you’re interested in but also the context in which they’re doing the talking.
For example, suppose you’re looking for people who want to upgrade their Content Management systems. You can instruct NeedTagger to ignore people who are just talking about CMS and instead zero in on people who are complaining about their CMS program, potential buyers, people asking for help, etc.
The basic service is free and includes one search “stream” and a limited number of results every time you run a search. Upgrades start at $19.95 monthly at writing for 5 search streams and unlimited results.


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4. Friends+Me
If Google+ is your primary Social Media presence, this tool can help you share content to other channels because it was built specifically for the Google+ format, unlike other sharing tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer.
Use Friends+Me to share your Google+ posts to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr as well as to multiple pages within each account.

A complimentary basic account gives you 40 reposts per month. Paid accounts (beginning at $29.99 annually at writing) give you unlimited reposts and more frequent postings.

5. Scheduled Tweets
This tool gives Twitter’s ad customers the same kind of scheduling tool for Promoted and Sponsored Tweets that third-party Twitter posting services have provided for non-paid Tweets for years.
Paid users can use the tool to schedule Tweets as part of a future marketing campaign instead of hoping a staff member remembers to send out the Tweet on time.
The scheduler is as simple to use as those offered by other services such as Buffer and can be used for a company’s organic (non-paid) Tweets as well. It’s available only to Twitter’s ad customers, but you can see how it works by clicking the link above, which points to a Twitter blog post outlining the service.

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